15 Jokes About Electric Cars Because No One Likes Them

15 Jokes About Electric Cars Because No One Likes Them

In a world increasingly obsessed with silent, battery-powered chariots, it's high time we expose the lighter side of this electric car revolution. Yes, friends, welcome to a jolt of comedy where electric cars are not just the future of transportation but also a goldmine of humorous potential. Imagine a ride so quiet, you can hear your own thoughts - and unfortunately, also the bad jokes from the back seat. I'm The Guy, your captain on this comedic expedition, steering through the world of EVs with a smirk and a side-eye.

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Prepare yourself for a ride down the humor highway, where electric cars are in for a bit of a shock. From their snail-paced charging times to the silent approach that startles pedestrians, we're about to accelerate into a comedic critique that’s more charged than a debate on fossil fuels vs. renewables. Buckle up as we drive through 35 electric car jokes, proving that while the future of transportation might be electric, so is our wit. Let's ensure our laughter leaves a bigger footprint than our carbon emissions.

1. When driving an electric car, never turn down a dead end street

--You'll be stuck down a road with no outlet

2. If dodge made an electric car,

-- Would it be called a dodge chargeable?

3. In 2025 Apple plans to make an electric car..

-- I just wonder if it is going to have windows.

4. What is the difference between Elon Must, and Lemurs?

-- Elon made electric cars, but lemurs madagascar

5. Governments pushing electric cars

-- It's just going to cause a re volt.

6. Did you hear Apple is making an electric car?

-- only problem is you'll have to buy an adapter to charge it at the charge station everyone else uses.

7. Did you know when someone gets ran over by a Tesla it isn't considered vehicular manslaughter?

-- They call it electric car battery

8. I walked into an electric car dealership,

-- I asked how much they charge

9. Can I use cash to pay for my electric car,

-- No you have to charge it.

10. What does a person with diarrhea, and an electric car have in common?

-- They both hope they can make it home.

11. What do you call a German electric car?

-- A Voltswagen

12. If I flip over my new Nissan electric car,

-- Am I turning over a new leaf?

13. Why did the electric car finish the race early?

-- It had a short circuit.

14. Due to the increased fuel costs, and electric cars being so expensive, legislatures voted to reinstate horse and buggy

-- The vote failed: 1 yea, and 35 neigh

15. Dyson is planning to release an electric car in 2025

-- I bet they will suck 

As we coast to a stop at the end of our electrifying journey through electric car humor, it's clear that while the future of transportation might be whisper-quiet and eco-friendly, our laughter today was anything but. From the peculiar silence of an EV's drive to the dreaded range anxiety and the eternal wait at charging stations, we've navigated the comedic road less traveled, proving that even the most forward-thinking innovations are not immune to a little light-hearted ribbing.

Thank you for joining me, The Guy, on this high-voltage adventure of jest and jibe. If you've enjoyed our foray into the funnier side of electric vehicles, don't let the laughter stop here. Follow us on all your favorite social platforms for more chuckles, chortles, and cheeky commentary on everything under the sun. Until our paths cross again in the digital or electric world, keep your batteries charged and your sense of humor fully powered. Remember, in the grand scheme of things, a little laughter can make any journey, regardless of how it's powered, all the more enjoyable.


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